Claim Information

We have been advised NOT to file a claim on behalf of our clients, as it slows down the process. 


 Below you will find claims contact info to all of our carriers.  Please contact them directly.   Also,

below you will find the contact info for several damage mitigation/remediation companies and 

other emergency services.


Your first call should be to your carrier to report a claim!!  Do not sign an "AOB" or Assignment of Benefits.

It could void your coverage!


Thank You & Be Safe


Company Name Contact Title Phone Number FAX Number Email Address
American Integrity Home/Flood Claims 866-968-8390
ASI Flood Claims 866-511-0793
ASI/Progressive Home Claims 866-274-5677
Avatar Home Claims 877-233-3237
Bankers Flood Claims 800-627-0000
Citizens Home Claims 866-411-2742 can report online in myPolicy @
Federated National Home Claims 800-293-2532 can report online @
Florida Specialty Home Claims 866-554-5896
Formost Auto Claims 800-274-7865
Grundy Classic Auto Claims 800-765-9749
Hagerty Classic Auto Claims 800-385-0274 888-321-8020
Heritage Home Claims 855-415-7120
Homeowners Choice Home Claims 866-324-3138
Maison Home Claims 844-962-4766
Mercury Auto Claims 800-503-3724
Neptune Flood Claims 844-276-4081
Olympus Home Claims 800-711-9386
Prepared Home Claims 877-511-7737
Progressive Auto/RV/MC/Boat Claims 800-925-2886
Safeco Auto Claims 800-332-3226
SafePoint Home Claims 855-252-4615
Security First Home Claims 877-581-4862
Selective Flood Claims 877-348-0552 or 973-948-3311 877-647-1798
The Flood Insurance Agency Flood Claims 877-356-6348
Travelers Auto Claims 800-252-4633
TypTap Home/Flood Claims 844-289-7968 352-533-4073
Universal P&C Home Claims 800-425-9113
Wright Flood Flood Claims 800-725-9472 EMAIL: ONLINE: TEXT: 727-777-7066
Bay Area DKI Remediation Services 877-462-2354
Master Restoration Remediation Services 727-433-1474
ServPro Remediation Services 727-391-6212
FEMA Emergency Resources 800-621-3362
Pinellas County Pet Friendly Shelters Emergency Resources Dunedin Middle 70 Patricia Ave Dunedin, FL / Oak Grove Middle 1370 S. Belcher Rd Clearwater, FL / John Hopkins Middle 701 16th Street S St. Pete, FL
Travel & Roadways Update Emergency Resources 511
Power Outages Emergency Resources 800-468-8243
State Emergency Response Team Emergency Resources 850-410-1403
Insurance Consumer Helpline Emergency Resources 877-693-5236 *Help understanding your policy, help filing a claim, general questions
Florida Emergency Info Emergency Resources 800-342-3557
Florida Prepares Emergency Resources 888777 Text "FLPrepares" to receive alert Florida notifications
Citizen Information Center Emergency Resources 727-464-4333